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How to Suit Up in Singapore

We always talk about how Singaporeans don’t dress well – slippers, shorts and t-shirts in town! Oh my. 😱 But there’s always an excuse for it – IT’S THE WEATHER! ☀️ How can men even suit up on this crazy sunny island?

True enough, we all understand. As much as guys hate to dress up in suits here, ladies could relate with the melting of make-up! A walk across the street and that already means touching up your eyeliner or concealer! But let’s help these ladies another time.

For today, guys will be glad they chanced upon this article.  😉 With our Chief Personal Branding Analyst, Sammi Chiang’s help, we managed to discover some good deals of these awesome pieces for you at a steal! Yay to GSS!

suit up

1. How Should You Suit Up?

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Dear Dr. Love, What Should I Do on a First Date?

Dr. Love puts an end to gloomy June with answers to your burning questions! We promised 2 questions answered every Friday, but since this is the first post our new Dr. Love is working on, we have a bonus question answered right at the end!

Submit your questions related to image, dating and relationship here or email us at loveletters@letsgaigai.com. Dr. Love promises you love and dating advice every Friday!

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Single Ladies: Things to Do in Singapore this July!

Here is a curated list of things, events and promotions for you single ladies in Singapore to look out for in the month of July!

Let’s admit it, ladies – we’ve either said it ourselves or heard our friends say that there’s really nothing to do in Singapore besides eating, shopping and pampering yourselves. And seriously, all of these require money.

It’s inevitable that activities on such a first-world island requires a fair bit of spending, but let’s make it easier for you this July! We’ve collated a list here for all you single ladies to look out for in the month of July, so you don’t have to worry about what to do when your BFFs are busy!

Read on for the calendar of exciting activities and promotions we have curated for you to do in Singapore this July!

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