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Too nervous to date?

Hi Loveletters,

I’m writing to say that Im too nervous to date. I often cancel last minute on dates with lame excuses. I dont have a wide social circle , and i’ve lost touch with a lot of friends due to work . So i’ve turned to online dating to meet people. I’ve always been reserved and quiet, what do I do about the awkward moments on dates. But worse of all I don’t want to date anymore, its just too nerve-wrecking an experience . Continue reading Too nervous to date?

He really likes you if he does these 6 things

I know right? You’d think by now this should be on our fingertips. After all, men are hardly as wily or as confusing as women. So they say. I think it’s just a ploy to get us to let our guards down. Damn they’re good. But no more! Here’s the definitive guide to figuring out if that guy likes you. Unless he’s a Player. Damn.

Continue reading He really likes you if he does these 6 things