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How to Plan Your 2018 Goals

When people think about resolutions, most people jump on the bandwagon drawing a list of “what I want to achieve” instead of digging deeper to find out the underlying purpose of what the goal can serve you in the long run. In other words, “what I truly need”.

If you have already drafted your resolutions for 2018, look at the list and ask yourself if it is something that is worth your time, how it serves you at your current point of life and for the near future.

The key to higher efficiency and a meaningful goal depends on the decision you make from now on.

Identifying your goals

Your needs depend on the phase of life you are in right now. Ask yourself these questions:

  • “What is the most important thing that matters to you?”
  • “What is the reason behind the choice that you make?”
  • “Can this goal serve a purpose?”

If you have a stable career, look into other aspects of your life. You hold a stable job, but how are you doing in other areas such as your love and social life? Do you feel lonely? What kind of goals can you set to change that?

Very often, we put so much energy in one aspect of our lives that we unintentionally neglect what is important to us that is supposed to make us feel whole and be a happier individual.

But fret not, any situation you are in, you can always make a difference.

Prioritise and Strategise

After identifying the goals you’d like to work towards, this is when you should ask yourself:

  • “Is this goal feasible?”
  • “What is the timeline for the goals you have set and how are you executing them?”

Always set a timeline for your goals and how you’d like to achieve them. It is all about being efficient and practical.

Say you have identified that you’d like to seek for your soul-mate and you’d like to meet someone new, go on dates and expand your social circle. This is a feasible goal and all you need to do is to act on it. If you don’t know where and how to, search for the most trusted local dating agency, sign yourself up and let them do the heavy lifting for you. There is no harm in trying. Better an “oops” than “what if”.


You have put in that much effort in planning your resolutions, but we all know acting on it isn’t the easiest.

The solution is to keep that list in a place that is always accessible to you. You can then easily see it and it becomes a reminder as you journey through your 2018 resolutions. Or better still, utilise the reminder application on your smartphone.

Go ahead and create goals that make you look back and and realise they are worth your energy and dedication. It is only then you’d feel the lasting satisfaction of achievement and bliss when your goals are met.

Especially to all the eligible singles out there, if one of your resolutions is to not be single anymore. Here is a little something for you. You can thank me later.

How to Get Ready for a Date in Just 15 Minutes

Make yourself attractive and seductive in a flash.

When you ask a girl on a date, she will think about it days or hours before. She imagines herself indulging in a nice bath, perhaps wearing a face mask before she puts on her makeup. She wants to look and feel good before the date, so she’ll primp and pamper herself.

Unfortunately, you need at least an hour to do that.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of time before a date. Either work, family, or accidents come in between. We’re lucky to have at least 30 minutes and we start to feel frantic if we have anything less than that.

In this blog, we at Beauty Insider will show you how to get ready for a date in 15 minutes or less. We will teach you how to move fast, to psych yourself up, and to turn into a head-turner!

We don’t have much time, let’s go!


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3 Reasons Why First Impressions Matter

We’re gonna tell you straight up – first impressions DO matter, and they matter the most. Sure, we encourage everyone to get to know someone better, strike conversations, find out more, before coming to a conclusion of what kind of person someone else is; especially for first and blind dates!

With that being said, the harsh truth is first impressions really matter. Some people just choose to keep an open mind and then let nature take its own course before making a decision if the person across the table is someone they’d like to spend the rest of their days with. And then again, there are the others on the other end of the spectrum who would make a judgment there and then. This doesn’t mean they’re judgmental or “bad”, it just means they are a lot more selective than the rest of the people.

1. Everyone, somehow, makes preconceived judgments.

The ideal truth that everyone in the society wants to believe is that nobody should ever be judgmental. And if given the case that someone comes off as any slightly more judgmental, we condemn them. But nobody wants to face the truth that every single individual makes preconceived judgments when they first meet someone. It is just a matter of expressing their dismay or delight; closing their minds or opening them up; giving more opportunities or shutting doors up.

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Dear Dr. Love, How Should I Ask for Her Number?

What are some topics that I can talk about with my date?

I know, first dates are already nerve-wrecking, let say coming up with topics during the date! The key to striking conversations and keeping them going is to maintain a good balance of being interesting, curious and yet comfortable for the opposite party.

Some ideas for topics are overall well-being, hobbies, future and lastly, just fun things! These topics would give off a vibe that you’re genuinely interested in them as individuals and you’d like to know more about them. But it is also an opportunity for you to gauge what kind of person he or she is, as well as if you have anything in common with each other.

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Dear Dr. Love, Why Do Men Have Such Dirty Minds?

If a guy often laments that he is stressed while findings job, is it a sign that he’s unable to take stress or be a responsible man? If he is in a relationship but seldom asks her out, and when he does, it’s often late at night and quite often for sex. He is not a decent or good guy, right?

Firstly, about his ability to handle stress – If he talks about being stressed, it could be his way of relieving it. However, if he takes his stress to a negative level, complaining about life and finding faults in everything just to find himself an easy way out to not deal with it, I’m afraid that is a sign that he may have a habit of running away from his problems, and finding excuses for himself to avoid doing what is necessary or responsible.

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Dear Dr. Love, I’m Too Comfortable being Single

How do I prepare myself for a relationship when I have been single for so long? – Female reader

Being single for a period of time would mean you have adjusted to living alone and being within your comfort zone. Well, it can go two ways! Either you’ve been pretty laid back and comfortable with your routine everyday, or you are on the other end of the spectrum – continuously looking for exciting and new things to do.

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How to Suit Up in Singapore

We always talk about how Singaporeans don’t dress well – slippers, shorts and t-shirts in town! Oh my. 😱 But there’s always an excuse for it – IT’S THE WEATHER! ☀️ How can men even suit up on this crazy sunny island?

True enough, we all understand. As much as guys hate to dress up in suits here, ladies could relate with the melting of make-up! A walk across the street and that already means touching up your eyeliner or concealer! But let’s help these ladies another time.

For today, guys will be glad they chanced upon this article.  😉 With our Chief Personal Branding Analyst, Sammi Chiang’s help, we managed to discover some good deals of these awesome pieces for you at a steal! Yay to GSS!

suit up

1. How Should You Suit Up?

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Dear Dr. Love, What Should I Do on a First Date?

Dr. Love puts an end to gloomy June with answers to your burning questions! We promised 2 questions answered every Friday, but since this is the first post our new Dr. Love is working on, we have a bonus question answered right at the end!

Submit your questions related to image, dating and relationship here or email us at Dr. Love promises you love and dating advice every Friday!

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Single Ladies: Things to Do in Singapore this July!

Here is a curated list of things, events and promotions for you single ladies in Singapore to look out for in the month of July!

Let’s admit it, ladies – we’ve either said it ourselves or heard our friends say that there’s really nothing to do in Singapore besides eating, shopping and pampering yourselves. And seriously, all of these require money.

It’s inevitable that activities on such a first-world island requires a fair bit of spending, but let’s make it easier for you this July! We’ve collated a list here for all you single ladies to look out for in the month of July, so you don’t have to worry about what to do when your BFFs are busy!

Read on for the calendar of exciting activities and promotions we have curated for you to do in Singapore this July!

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Wonder What Goes on Behind a Makeover?

We know – first dates are always nerve-wrecking!

What if he doesn’t like me? What if she doesn’t like my shoes? What if I overdress? What if… Just what if?

Don’t you worry now, for we have here – Ms Sammi Chiang, GaiGai’s very own Chief Personal Branding Analyst. We sat down to have a chat with her about her imaging experience at Fleek with GaiGai and also, to share the makeover session she had done with our male client QingHai!

GaiGai's Chief Personal Branding Analyst
GaiGai’s Chief Personal Branding Analyst – Sammi Chiang


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