Movies to watch on your perfect date

Sometimes it’s good to go old school and bring your crush on a classic movie date. There’s really nothing like the sizzling and almost-tangible tension of sitting beside someone you admire while watching a film in a completely dark room!

  1. Get Romantic – ‘Asako I & II’

Synopsis: Asako’s first love disappeared and years later, she meets someone who looks just like him but his behaviour are completely different from his lookalike. Asako finds herself torn between the two men, and contemplating risking everything to resolve past grievances.

Watch this if you and your date are a couple that’s always on the hunt for thought-provoking movies. Through this movie, you can seek out each other’s attitudes towards love and life. A great conversation starter and food for thought!

Where: National Museum of Singapore

When: 4 Dec, Tuesday, 9:30pm

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  1. Animated Films – ‘Another Day of Life’

Synopsis: In 1975, Angola was on the cusp of independence, but caution, not celebration, filled the air. Centuries of Portuguese colonisation had given way to an incipient civil war for the right to rule the nation. Amid the chaos, Polish photojournalist Ryszard Kapuściński journeyed to the front line of the conflict, risking his life to be the first in the world to cover this breaking war.

This is an inspirational story about courage in the face of war. Uplifting stories like these can be a good social lubricant that helps you and your partner to feel good and open up to each other! Look out for the spectacular 3D animation and live-action footage for the magical touch of realism.

Where: FilmGarde Bugis+

When: 29 Nov, Thursday, 9:30pm

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  1. Get Spooked – ‘Eerie’

Synopsis: In the Philippines of 1995, guidance counsellor Pat is a listening ear for all the students of St Lucia’s Convent. What the St Lucia’s girls don’t know, however, is that Pat possesses a secret clairvoyant ability, one that allows her to become a sympathetic ear to the ghost of Eri, who has never left St Lucia’s halls. The girls of St Lucia Convent are dying mysteriously—and their deaths may be related to a student suicide committed years before.

Make it a memorable date by catching a horror film! Furthermore, there have been proven research that a horror film can get your crush to like you more. If it doesn’t, it will definitely give you two something to talk about even after the movie!

Where: Capitol Theatre

When: 3 Dec, Monday, 8:00pm

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Till then!

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