A Brew-tiful Coffee Appreciation Workshop

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Photo by Cyril Saulnier

In partnership with Dave Lim, an award-winning coffee expert, GaiGai conducted a coffee appreciation workshop on 10th June 2018 in SunRay Cafe.

As participants were allocated to 3 groups of fours and fives, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee slowly filled the room. The groups were kept small to ensure optimum quality interactions. The gradual chatters in the room slowly washed away any remnants of awkwardness as participants discussed their love for coffee.

It seems as though coffee was not the only thing brewing between them!

Get to brewing!

Photo by GaiGai

As the workshop began, the groups were each given opportunity to brew their very own cup of coffee: grinding the coffee beans, adjusting the flow rates and then dripping their first cold brew and hot brew.

It was interesting to see that a perfect cup of coffee actually required so much detail to attention and a whole lot of teamwork. Each member in the group had a role to play when it comes to taking charge of time, speed, volume and observation of the drip from all angles. Participants had to work together to achieve the desired quality of coffee as instructed by Dave. It was indeed a feat!

With their finished product, the groups proceeded to experience the process of Coffee Cupping – a professional process of observing the taste and aroma of different coffees in order to identify the ones that they personally brewed versus those that can be found in local coffee shops.

As the aromatic caffeine worked it’s magic across the room, the participants continued to engage in meaningful conversations with one another.

Coffee appreciation workshops has always been one of our popular events so caffeine lovers so stay tuned for the next one! Sign up early to secure a slot and brew your very own cup of coffee, maybe even a cup of love 😉

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