GaiGai Events Highlight – Weeknight Dinner Date

To create the perfect ambience for a GaiGai speed-dating dining event, the presence of three key elements are crucial – the environment, food and people!

GAIGAI HOLDS EVENT AT 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar

The world’s favourite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.

– Edwin Way Teale

GaiGai hosted a Weeknight Dinner Date event at 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar on 31st May 2018, where all participants made new friends over a scrumptious dinner.

After registration, participants were assigned to tables of 4 with a good mix of females and males so as to ensure maximum interaction among participants. Regular rotations were made in between meal courses to assure that every participant had an opportunity for interaction with all participants. As the night progressed, participants started to feel more comfortable, and more hearty laughs and chatter gradually filled the room.

You could almost say that love is in the air!

As the event slowly came to an end, participants submitted slips of papers with names of those they wished to know better. If there were to be a successful match between two participants, GaiGai will personally plan a complimentary second date for just the two of them. Talk about a real-life cupid, how exciting it that!

GaiGai works with a wide range of vendors that are not limited to F&B outlets but also engaging outdoor activities and unique workshops such as dance classes and coffee appreciation.

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We hope to see you there the next time!

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