Pop-up Public Event You Shouldn’t Miss This February!

As Singapore Art Week has come to an end, with Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year approaching, it is time for you to make some plans to celebrate the end of a happening February!

Question is, what makes a good party?

1. Remember to relax – with our free-flow drinks and light bites!

The key to meeting new people for the first time is to relax and be yourself! This is something most people forget, or cannot seem to control – let’s face it, we all feel nervous meeting people for the first time! However, fret not as we will be offering free-flow alcohol so you and your friends can help yourselves to it while making new friends!

Already included in the $20 ticket, help yourselves to the range of light bites as well as free-flow drinks! Come on, where else would you be able to get such a good deal? 😜

For only $20 nett, drink to the fullest as beer and wine will be on free-flow for a whole 2 hours!

2. Beer pong and free entertainment!

Interaction is important. With our free-flow drinks, be prepared to keep yourselves entertained with our beer pong booths and games in other levels of the building!

With a range of activities to keep yourselves occupied, you do not have to worry about standing around and creating conversations with strangers! Bring your friends to booths and play while making new friends at the venue!

3. Live-band performances and cosy ambience!

Good music, good vibes! From 7pm onwards, a local live-band Lizzy & the Big Kids will be there to grace the stage!

Lizzy & the Big Kids are a bunch of music-avids who have come together through their love of acoustic and soft rock music. Lead vocalist Liz- 7 years of performing experience. Spot her prowess on TV and at weddings. Guitarist Himig – with over a decade of performing and playing in a band, Himig has a god-like knack of turning up just when you’re thinking of him. Vocalist Jackie- we cannot simply decide if her voice or smile is sweeter. Keyboardist Joey- loves her indie tunes and has a terrible sense of direction (hello GPS??) but always finds her way to the performance venue, somehow.

Together, Lizzy & the Big Kids are way over a century old but are really young at heart. We’re really looking forward to having this awesome band at our party, and we’re sure you’d love them too!

Lizzy & The Big Kids

4. First Public Event!

GaiGai has been known to hold mega parties for singles every quarter. This time, we are combining all elements of an awesome mega party into one huge celebration for anyone and everyone!

As closed group workshops for singles will be happening earlier in the day from 3pm at the very same venue, singles who purchase the workshop tickets will automatically be entitled to the free-flow drinks and games during the after-party!

We’d love to connect every single one of you, so bring all your friends and join us in our 3rd anniversary party!

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For queries, feel free to drop us  a Facebook message, or an email to events@letsgaigai.com!


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