How to Plan Your 2018 Goals

When people think about resolutions, most people jump on the bandwagon drawing a list of “what I want to achieve” instead of digging deeper to find out the underlying purpose of what the goal can serve you in the long run. In other words, “what I truly need”.

If you have already drafted your resolutions for 2018, look at the list and ask yourself if it is something that is worth your time, how it serves you at your current point of life and for the near future.

The key to higher efficiency and a meaningful goal depends on the decision you make from now on.

Identifying your goals

Your needs depend on the phase of life you are in right now. Ask yourself these questions:

  • “What is the most important thing that matters to you?”
  • “What is the reason behind the choice that you make?”
  • “Can this goal serve a purpose?”

If you have a stable career, look into other aspects of your life. You hold a stable job, but how are you doing in other areas such as your love and social life? Do you feel lonely? What kind of goals can you set to change that?

Very often, we put so much energy in one aspect of our lives that we unintentionally neglect what is important to us that is supposed to make us feel whole and be a happier individual.

But fret not, any situation you are in, you can always make a difference.

Prioritise and Strategise

After identifying the goals you’d like to work towards, this is when you should ask yourself:

  • “Is this goal feasible?”
  • “What is the timeline for the goals you have set and how are you executing them?”

Always set a timeline for your goals and how you’d like to achieve them. It is all about being efficient and practical.

Say you have identified that you’d like to seek for your soul-mate and you’d like to meet someone new, go on dates and expand your social circle. This is a feasible goal and all you need to do is to act on it. If you don’t know where and how to, search for the most trusted local dating agency, sign yourself up and let them do the heavy lifting for you. There is no harm in trying. Better an “oops” than “what if”.


You have put in that much effort in planning your resolutions, but we all know acting on it isn’t the easiest.

The solution is to keep that list in a place that is always accessible to you. You can then easily see it and it becomes a reminder as you journey through your 2018 resolutions. Or better still, utilise the reminder application on your smartphone.

Go ahead and create goals that make you look back and and realise they are worth your energy and dedication. It is only then you’d feel the lasting satisfaction of achievement and bliss when your goals are met.

Especially to all the eligible singles out there, if one of your resolutions is to not be single anymore. Here is a little something for you. You can thank me later.

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