3 Reasons Why First Impressions Matter

We’re gonna tell you straight up – first impressions DO matter, and they matter the most. Sure, we encourage everyone to get to know someone better, strike conversations, find out more, before coming to a conclusion of what kind of person someone else is; especially for first and blind dates!

With that being said, the harsh truth is first impressions really matter. Some people just choose to keep an open mind and then let nature take its own course before making a decision if the person across the table is someone they’d like to spend the rest of their days with. And then again, there are the others on the other end of the spectrum who would make a judgment there and then. This doesn’t mean they’re judgmental or “bad”, it just means they are a lot more selective than the rest of the people.

1. Everyone, somehow, makes preconceived judgments.

The ideal truth that everyone in the society wants to believe is that nobody should ever be judgmental. And if given the case that someone comes off as any slightly more judgmental, we condemn them. But nobody wants to face the truth that every single individual makes preconceived judgments when they first meet someone. It is just a matter of expressing their dismay or delight; closing their minds or opening them up; giving more opportunities or shutting doors up.

2. The first time is as good as the last.

Think about the last relationship you’ve had, or the closest friend you have – when time comes and you feel nostalgic, what do you recall? – The first time! And most of the time, you do remember what your impression of the other party was! We don’t have to say much – this is clear enough that first impressions last as long as forever!

And think about the last time you rejected someone after a first date, or a first call, or the first handshake – was it a decision made based on conversations after conversations? No – it was deduced from the very first impression. You chose not to pursue it, whether it is a friendship or not. Think again – if you’ve given this person opportunities after another to make another impression, would your decision change? You can’t be sure it wouldn’t!

Umm.. Nah.

3. Everyone has expectations –

No matter how low, or high! In today’s society, everyone wants to cut to the chase. If you’re not within what they’re looking for, you’re out – red card!

This isn’t always a bad thing. It’s always good to have expectations, and that alone encourages people to have higher standards and work on self-improvement. If you are always adamant on “being yourself”, it is also another way to put it as you’re lazy! Not so much of an extreme – but if you clearly are aware of something you should change for the better and you aren’t, this doesn’t help yourself or your future partner.

So… How to Improve on Your First Impression?

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First Impressions

Just for entertainment, check out this video below on first impressions!

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