Dear Dr. Love, How Should I Ask for Her Number?

What are some topics that I can talk about with my date?

I know, first dates are already nerve-wrecking, let say coming up with topics during the date! The key to striking conversations and keeping them going is to maintain a good balance of being interesting, curious and yet comfortable for the opposite party.

Some ideas for topics are overall well-being, hobbies, future and lastly, just fun things! These topics would give off a vibe that you’re genuinely interested in them as individuals and you’d like to know more about them. But it is also an opportunity for you to gauge what kind of person he or she is, as well as if you have anything in common with each other.

Overall well-being would mean to ask about their current situation at work, home or even familial relationships. Some people may not feel comfortable answering such questions and it is totally fine! You have to be sensitive and really careful of your responses and follow-up questions.

How should I ask the other party for his or her number?

The first step to getting someone’s number is to make sure that they are totally fine with it. Please do not be too pushy with the approach! Just be upfront with it and ask confidently if he or she would be alright with exchange contacts! Also, give the other party a way out just in case they don’t feel too comfortable with it. You don’t want that person to be forced into sharing his or her contact and end up ghosting you midway during the conversation!

You can always back up your question after with “I am totally cool with it if it’s too quick to exchange contacts!” and he or she will feel more comfortable giving an honest answer/response.

All the best in love!

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