Dear Dr. Love, Does He Like Me?

How do you know if you love someone? – Female reader

This is really an abstract question, I must say! Every individual feels and views love differently. This is why we have the 5 love language and different personality tests for everyone. Ultimately, to love someone is the moment of realisation that you actually want him or her in your life.

Love is generous, positive and healthy. Sure, all relationships come with its ups and downs. No relationship is perfect and flawless. Love should always make you feel happy, and gives you a warm tingling feeling in your heart when you think of that person. That is when you know you love someone.

To love someone is to accept flaws and move beyond. To accept his or her flaws and encourage him or her to be a better person, but still keeping all unique traits. That is when you love someone.

How do I know if he is not into me? – Female reader

We can split this question into 2 different parts. First being when he has already shown obvious signs, and second being when he tells you one thing and does another.

One of the most¬†obvious signs when he’s really just not into you is when he does not give you the attention you want. He does not call you or text you back. He ignores the important things you tell him. He never asks you how your day went. He doesn’t really care when you’re not feeling well.

Another is when he tells you he likes you, but his actions show otherwise. He never makes time for you, and in this case, by not making time, I mean that he is able to go for weeks without seeing you even once. That’s when you know he’s not really that into you as he claims to be.

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