Metamorphosis: Our Success Stories

From today, we are launching a monthly series titled Metamorphosis which we will be sharing these love stories we have received over the years since GaiGai’s inception in 2015!

Dolly Chua, the Chief Matchmaker, has been leading the GaiGai cupid team for 2 years. Dolly’s interest sparked when she moved to the states for work. Dolly was able to quickly make new friends in an entirely new environment. Her time overseas has instilled in her a love for meeting new people. Dolly continues to expand her social network in Singapore as she meets and connects individuals from all walks of life. Dolly’s passion for bringing people together extends beyond the office; it has become more of a lifestyle for her.

A Letter from our Chief Matchmaker, Dolly

I have always been intrigued with the phenomenon of metamorphosis. It is a fascinating process when a butterfly egg morphs into a caterpillar and slowly emerges into its fullness of beauty for all to see. Metamorphosis is defined as the transformation and change in circumstance. As a matchmaker, I envision for that special kind of transformation for all our singles.

At GaiGai, we want to see everyone through each stage of their journey to find love and ultimately help them to establish a beautiful and meaningful relationship  with someone. Over the years, and especially in the last couple of months, we have received acknowledgment and appreciation from our members for fixing them up with their match. It brings the GaiGai team much joy to hear when a match that we orchestrate has blossomed into a successful relationship. I vividly remember the feeling of receiving news that a couple I matched had gotten married and they are now parents of a 1-year-old boy!

With that, we will be starting on our metamorphosis series featuring testimonials from GaiGai couples. This series is meant to chronicle real life stories and inspire everyone that if love happened for them, it can happen for you!

Love, Dolly

If you have met your significant other through GaiGai’s services (personalised one to one dates and/or events), please write in to us at, we want to hear your story! 😍

Stay tuned to our first chapter of Metamorphosis! 

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