Dear Dr. Love, Should Ladies Make the First Move?

Alright, I get it. First dates are already nerve-wrecking, let say making the first move! This is a real concern to ladies when it comes to making the first move. We hold our actions because we are always worried about coming off as desperate and not just interested.

So, what should we do? How do we draw a line between being interested and coming off as just desperate for love?

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Should I ask for his number if by the end of the date, he has yet to ask me for my number? – Female reader

If you’re interested in him, don’t ever let the opportunity go! You know what we’ve learnt over so many years of living? It is the fact that you won’t regret the chances you’ve taken, but only regret the things you haven’t done! In today’s world, nobody *should* or *shouldn’t* make the first move. It’s 2017, ladies are free to approach gentlemen and make their interest known! With experience, many guys really do not know how to approach the topic of exchanging numbers even by the end of the date. This happens also because they’re unsure if you liked him enough to give your contact, and it so happens that these guys are also afraid of rejection, or of coming across as taking things too fast.

However, if you are interested in knowing him better after the date, I suggest that at the end of the date, make known that you enjoyed the date then politely ask if he’d like to keep in touch. If he rejects, it’s okay, take it easy and lightly – at least at that point you can stop guessing if he’s into you. If he accepts, you know he kinda fancies you!


Is it okay to text him first? – Female reader

Sometimes people say it’s a power fight in a relationship, or even in the stage of dating. If you text first, you lose – but that’s not true! I think taking the initiative has more advantages than not. Taking the initiative shows how sincere, proactive and confident you are!

Having said that, of course, everything has to be done moderately. If he’s not replying to your texts, don’t send him morning texts day after day. If he keeps the conversation going, it’s safe to say that he’s still pretty interested in you!

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