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We always talk about how Singaporeans don’t dress well – slippers, shorts and t-shirts in town! Oh my. 😱 But there’s always an excuse for it – IT’S THE WEATHER! ☀️ How can men even suit up on this crazy sunny island?

True enough, we all understand. As much as guys hate to dress up in suits here, ladies could relate with the melting of make-up! A walk across the street and that already means touching up your eyeliner or concealer! But let’s help these ladies another time.

For today, guys will be glad they chanced upon this article.  😉 With our Chief Personal Branding Analyst, Sammi Chiang’s help, we managed to discover some good deals of these awesome pieces for you at a steal! Yay to GSS!

suit up

1. How Should You Suit Up?

Before going into different styles and choices, you gotta pay attention to the FABRIC! The type of fabric is sooo important.  Linen and cotton are the most breathable materials you can find for shirts!

Linen – The material is soft and breathable, best for all kinds of occasions in Singapore’s sunny weather!

Cotton – There are 2 types of cotton shirts – one that is thinner but easily wrinkled, and the other thicker but easily straightened out. Choose the thinner one if you prefer to feel more comfortable, but of higher maintenance – eeks, the wrinkles in the shirt! The thicker one is for the ones who feel lazier, and don’t mind the heat.

Sammi’s Picks!


Suit Shirt
Image from Zara

Sammi says: This is 100% linen – it will be softer so it’s not as smooth as the normal cotton shirt BUT it looks cooler!
Get it here – They’re on sale now!


Suit Shirt
Image from Zara

Sammi says: This is 70% cotton and 30% linen, a good mix of both!
Get it here – also on sale right now!

Pants Problems 101 – which should you choose?

Sometimes dress pants can be so thick and uncomfortable in this weather. Choose something that’s versatile! Sammi chose this:

Suit Trousers
Image from Zara

The material is made up of 56% viscose and 44% cotton- which means it will still be breathable and looks formal at the same time! When you’re done with a suit-up event, you can always match this pair with a t-shirt (as seen on the model) to look effortlessly stylish. Get this pair of trousers here.

2. Blazer or Not?

Another question that most guys have is, should you get a blazer to suit up? Answer is not necessarily. If the weather is already crazy, wearing a blazer could make you look like prince charming, but not if you’re perspiring! Everyone’s heat tolerance is different, so choose accordingly. If you perspire easily, make sure you go without a blazer, but with a shirt nice enough to pull off on its own. This leads us to the next question…

3. How to Spice It Up?

Bow-ties are the way to go! Many Singaporean men find bow-tie to be touchy – will they look like a waiter? Just remember to pair it with suspenders if you’re going without a blazer! Why you should get a bow-tie – many people don’t know that the DIY bow-ties actually look like this before you fold them into bow-ties!

Image from
Image from Yahoo News Singapore

A mixture of examples are the timelessly classy Justin Timberlake and our very own Singaporean hunk Elvin Ng – spotted in an undone self-tie bow-tie and a done bow-tie respectively!

The benefit of getting a self-tie bow-tie is also so that you can wear it both ways – Undone and done!

Bow-tie Steps from

If your suit is monochrome in colour, it’ll be good to add in a bright colour or design such as red to complement the entire look, and stand out! Check out all the bow-ties here!

Besides a bow-tie, you may like to consider adding a pocket square if you choose to complete your suit with a blazer. A matching colour with your bow-tie would be best. When we say matching, it has to be in the exact same shade of colour, and not a differrent shade of the same colour! Imagine matching your bright red bow-tie with a pinkish pocket square, it may come off as quirky, if that’s the style you’re going for, otherwise, always choose the exact same shade of colour! Pocket squares are timeless! And it definitely serves as a bonus to this really hot weather – use it as a handkerchief when needed and you won’t have spots of tissues stuck onto your face! Read more on how to fold a pocket square here.

bow-tie pocket square suit
Image from Lyst

4. Completing the Look!

Finally, the choice of your shoes will be the last touch to finishing up your all suited up look! Brown and black are the staple colours when it comes to choosing your dress shoes.

Sammi has handpicked these two pairs for your consideration.

Suit Dress Shoes
Image from Massimo Dutti

Get this pair at a discounted rate here!

If black is the way to go for you, this pair is one you’d never want to miss!

Dress Shoes
Image from Massimo Dutti

Get this pair at a discounted rate here!

Now that you’re done and learnt a few tips about suiting up in Singapore, you may want to put it to good use at The Great Gatsby Masquerade Singles Mega Party on 14th July! Check out more details right here.

We’d like to thank Sammi for helping us out on the suggested pieces! Now, gentlemen, it’s time for you to suit up.

See ya there! xoxo

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