Single Ladies: Things to Do in Singapore this July!

Here is a curated list of things, events and promotions for you single ladies in Singapore to look out for in the month of July!

Let’s admit it, ladies – we’ve either said it ourselves or heard our friends say that there’s really nothing to do in Singapore besides eating, shopping and pampering yourselves. And seriously, all of these require money.

It’s inevitable that activities on such a first-world island requires a fair bit of spending, but let’s make it easier for you this July! We’ve collated a list here for all you single ladies to look out for in the month of July, so you don’t have to worry about what to do when your BFFs are busy!

Read on for the calendar of exciting activities and promotions we have curated for you to do in Singapore this July!

6 July – Local film screening: Red Dragonflies

If you’re into local productions and pride (yay!), check out this link for more details on Singaporean director, Liao Jie Kai’s, debut film screening! As quoted, it “addresses issues of change, memory and nostalgia in an intimate tale surrounding the discontinued KTM railway track.” The film had also won a special jury prize at Jeonju International Film Festival back in 2010!

Besides this, the screening will be held at Deck, an art space that everyone has to check out. The entire art space is made up of 19 huge containers – seriously, nobody in Singapore should ever miss checking this unique art space out. It’s reaaaally Instagram-worthy too! What’s more, the ticketing way is really creative and fun too. Pay as you wish as all donations will be channeled into supporting  and sustaining ongoing public Deck programmes and exhibitions!

When: 6 July, Thursday, 7.30-9.15pm
Where: Deck, 120A Prinsep Street, Singapore 187937
$$: Pay as you wish, Suggested amount $5
Click here for details and tickets.

8 July – Tour exhibition: State of Change

Image taken from ArtHop.

Also organised by Deck, this joint photography exhibition is made possible by 4 local artists with 2 independent projects. Join the artists and curators themselves on this tour which aims to examine the significance of memory in a city-state where change is the only constant. Similarly, registration and tickets are by donati

on as you wish, and the suggested amount is only $5!

That’s like one McDonald’s value meal but without the weight gain – you get to explore all the works with the artists themselves!
When: 8 July, Saturday, 3-5pm
Where: Deck, 120A Prinsep Street, Singapore 187937
$$: Pay as you wish, Suggested amount $5
Click here for details and tickets.

9 July – SOSD Adoption Drive

Need I say more?  Ladies if you are sick of spending your time alone and you don’t really want to be hanging out all the time, it’s your chance to adopt these cute lil pups and stray dogs. A dog is truly a man’s best friend. He listens to you when you’re upset, and he’ll never make you cry!

But if you’re not keen on adopting a dog just yet, just check out the drive and understand these abandoned and stray dogs’ stories! It doesn’t hurt to learn a little more about what we can do to help these dogs. Let’s all try to love a little more, yea?

When: 9 July, Sunday, 1pm
: Paya Lebar Square Retail, 60 Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 409051
Click here for more details.

14 July – A Mega Masquerade Party!*

If you’re sick of trying to get your friends to join you for an event because they’re all so busy; or if you’re looking for a fresh, new, exciting event to go to alone – The Great Gatsby Masquerade Party is a must-attend this July for all you single ladies!

Come on, when else would be best to play dress up!? Prep your favourite eye-catching make-up looks and take out all your pretty prom dresses from the storage to ready yourself for a fun night out in secret identities! If you’re worried about the masks, don’t be – the organisers are providing masks as well! However, if you want to stand out in the crowd, even when you’re all masked, we recommend you to get your own exquisite masks for the event!

The party space – VLV, a restaurant and club lounge combined, is an award-winning venue with an exquisite interior which complements the Great Gatsby theme wholesomely! Light refreshments, drinks and activities are all covered!

What’s more – you get $5 off ticket prices by simply creating a private profile with GaiGai for free here! Ladies tickets are also selling out REAL fast!

When: 14 July, Friday, 8pm
Where: VLV, 3A River Valley Road #01-02, 179020
$$: 50 with free private profile created.
Click here for more details and tickets.

20 July – Unplug & Play*

Dear board game lovers, you’re in for a great deal! Unplug & Play is a recurring singles networking event that provides you 1 main course and free-flow beverages throughout the entire session. On top of that, you get to play unlimited numbers of board games and at the same time, you get to meet new people and expand your network!

Now, who says you can only go to board game cafes with friends?  I’d say this is a really good deal if you’re looking to spend your Thursday night knowing new and fun people!

When: 20 July, Thursday, 7.30-10pm
Where: TBC, Prinsep Street (Revealed to participants)
$$: 49
Click here for more details and tickets.

26 July – Ladies Night @ The Exchange

In collaboration with Vaniday, The Exchange is hosting yet another ladies night event! Hold up, I hear free beauty services provided by Vaniday…. and OMG, you get to have free-flow alcoholic beverages too! This is one event you’d seriously have to drag your BFF along!

More details to be released by Vaniday on 19th July!

When: 26 July, Wednesday, 6pm onwards
Where: The Exchange, 8 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 1, #01-05, Singapore 018960
Stay tuned to here for more details!

28 July – Badminton Smack-down*

Image from GaiGai

Being single is being independent, but you can’t really play badminton on your own, can you? The tough thing about being single often is that it is difficult for you to find a partner to do sports that require at least 2 people! For you, badminton-loving single ladies, this is the right event for you. You don’t have to worry about finding someone who is available on the day, and most importantly, loves playing badminton!

They’ve got it all sorted out for you. All you gotta do is sign up and prep your own rackets! Light supper will be provided too! 😋

When: 28 July, Friday, 7.30pm
Where: OCBC Arena, Stadium Drive
$$: 49
Click here for more details and tickets.

*These events are only open to Singaporeans, PRs and Employment Pass holders who are above 21 years of age and legally single.

BONUS – CHUG IT: Happy Hour Drink Deals!

Seriously, what’s a good time without drinks? For these happy hour deals, you don’t have to be single to enjoy them! Bring your friends, family and partner along to enjoy these deals through July!

1. ME@OUE: $10 Premium Spirits

When: Mon  – Fri (6-8pm), Sat nights
Where: 50 Collyer Quay, OUE Bayfront, 049321

2. Baccarat Bar: $10 Nett Draught Beer

When: 4 – 9pm
Where3 Temasek Boulevard #01-434, Suntec City North Wing, 038983

3. Mitzo: 1-for-1 Drinks

When: 12 – 9pm
Where: Level 4 Grand Park, 270 Orchard Rd, 238857

All drink deals brought to you by the Chug team.
Check out their website here for more details on these awesome deals!

All promotions subjected to changes and respective vendors’ T&Cs.

Now that you’ve seen all of ’em deals, it’s time to share this post with your BFF and tag them to remind them how awesome July can be, even when you’re single! 😘

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