Singapore Dating Scene: What Happens in Singles Mega Parties!

Have you ever been to dating events or singles networking parties? I know, everyone shuns at the words “dating events“, thinking it is a cliche event with awkward and traditional matchmaking activities – NOT TRUE!

Let us reveal some juicy details about what goes on in Singapore’s dating scene: Singles Mega Parties, before you decide to go for one!


  1. Food & drinks for the foodies! 😋

    For all you foodies, you will be beyond pleased to hear this. Food and drinks are usually provided during such parties. Even better, some offer buffet-style and free-flow food as well!
    Having said that, please do not see such events as a time for you to FEAST! Remember the objective of attending such parties, you are there to interact and get to know more people, so don’t be distracted by all these attractive little add-ons!

    LOVE @ S.E.A.A. 2017
    Earlier this year in February, LOVE @ S.E.A.A. is an Singles Mega Party held by GaiGai – an offline matchmaking agency – in partnership with RWS. During the party, besides activities and prizes (USS express pass tickets! 😱), they served canapés and alcoholic drinks as options too! 😋  If you prefer non-alcoholic drinks, don’t worry, you can choose to have fruit juice as a healthier option!

    🥂 Cheers!

  2. Fun, Games, Prizes!

    Most people have an assumption that such events, usually the size of a hundred pax or more, would take on activities that revolve around those that you are familiar been through during orientation and freshies camps… But nope, that is not what happens! Forget awkward hello‘s and what’s your name‘s. Mega parties such as those held by GaiGai, an SDN Accredited Agency, are organised and facilitated by a team of certified and experienced dating practitioners.

    mediacorp4Screen-cap from Let’s Go Dating: Finale Episode of LOVE @ S.E.A.A. event.

    They are trained to facilitate conversations between strangers and at the same time, make the participants feel comfortable talking to anyone. Facilitators are also around on standby for you to approach if you have any questions, or if you want some help to get to know that lady across the room!

    But of course, let’s not forget that practice makes perfect.

  3. Endless Opportunities to Socialise – Even if You’re Shy!

    The main objective of such parties is to get to know someone, make a few friends and if possible, meet that very one who catches your eye! As much as facilitators are standing around to help you out, it is still about the one who takes the initiative and start a conversation.

    Treat it as a platform of opportunities to train and practise your social skills and conversation starters. If you need an identity to hide behind while practising your skills, we have just the right event for you to attend! The Great Gatsby Masquerade Party, coming up on 14th July, is where you get to mask your identity for the entire night! Participants will be separated until they have put on a masquerade mask, which default ones will be provided during event! Such parties are beyond fun as they explore the themes of Roaring Twenties and The Great Gatsby. On top of that, you get to don your best outfit, and search for that very mask to express yourself, all hidden behind your secret identity! I hear you ladies, time to get creative with your makeup! 😉

    Click to Find Out More!

    Psst… Create a private profile here and get entitled to a discounted member ticket price off this party today! Find out more about The Great Gatsby Masquerade Party here.

  4. Networking Opportunities too!

    Besides it being a “dating event”, why not make the most out of it? Use this opportunity to meet every single one, even people of the same gender. We have witnessed the blossoming of friendships through our regular events, and mega parties are the best platform for you to expand your social network and meet friends with the same interest!
    Often, people find it difficult to get their BFF on board to attend such events, especially if they are married or attached, since strict ROM screenings of every individual are done prior to each event. Thus, friends you meet here are people you know who won’t hesitate to go for the very next party with you! At best, you may even find your next business partner here!
    DSC05900-min Celebrities Tosh Rock and Weiliang at our LOVE @ S.E.A.A. event.

At GaiGai, our team of professionals and dedicated dating practitioners strive to create a world of opportunities to make meaningful connections.
Join us as a member today!


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