It’s Black Valentine’s day! Korea’s anti-romance day!

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Did you find yourself alone and frustrated earlier in February? Well then Black Valentine’s the day for you. This Korean holiday, falling on the 14th of April annually, the focus is turned onto Singles who did not receive any gifts on “White Valentine’s”. Dubbed Korea’s anti-romance day, for singles who are sick of frustrating cliched holidays celebrated by couples only. Black-Valentine’s day forces Singles to embrace and celebrate their Singledom gathering, and dressing in all black to commiserate over black-coloured food, especially jajangmyyeon, a thick black fried noodle. The comfort food is so popular, that jajangmyyeon eating contests are even hosted on the day for especially devastated loners who can drown their sorrows in the greasy starchy meal.

Scream and broadcast to the world just how Single you are by indulging in everything black, from your nails, shoes, accessories and even special phone covers made for the day, while partying at Black Valentine’s day parties hosted by clubs and other singles. Another popular way of celebrating the day is to join speed dating or matchmaking agencies, in hopes of finally finding someone.

Korea is especially fond of love themed holidays, having one every 14th of the month, there’s Kiss day, couple photo day, white valentine’s where women dish our gifts to their beloved, silver day where couples exchange rings  or even green day, so named for the green of soju bottles, of which couples are expected to guzzle down while taking long romantic walks in the park.

Not sure how to celebrate this Korean holiday in Singapore? Here are some ideas.

Eat Black Noodles

If you can’t get your hands on jajangmyyeon maybe try substituting it with a large bowl of Kway Teow. Hey its black and greasy too!

Paint Your Nails Black

If you are the nail painting sort… go pamper yourself silly in a nail salon while playing up your inner goth, with nails as black as your single soul.

Try speedating

Perhaps the Koreans are on to something attending dating events, try GaiGai’s dating events just for singles. Meet someone new or just go have fun. Sign up at

Throw your own Black Valentine’s party

Call every single friend you know, ask everyone to dress in black and have a real pity party. No one understands your plight as a single like other singles do!

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