Best first date makeup advice you’ll ever hear!

Never underestimate the power of makeup! Kaile our in-house beauty junkie and expert reveals her top tips to a flawless face that will drive the boys crazy!

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What is the best makeup look for a first date, that gives your date the right impression?

The keyword is looking fresh. More often than not, guys get turned off by ladies that’s overly done up. They often come off as high maintenance. I would say, keep it simple. Depending on your level of makeup skill as well. For a beginner, I would recommend:

Light foundation (cover up blemishes, if you’ve good skin, you can skip this!)
Tidy up your brows (you can easily go to any salon beauty salon to get your brows tweezed or thread)
Light sweep of blusher
Soft lip color

Kaile ; Beauty Expert and Relationship Manager at GaiGai

Self-confessed makeup pros tend to pile more makeup on, for those who love their contour kits what look would you suggest?

Light foundation Skip harsh contouring
Brows Try to not go for high arch or thin brows, it adds on age and can look quite harsh as well.
Mascara If you’ll like to go for fake lashes, go for natural and shorter ones; bring light to your eyes, so the white of your eyeballs are still visible.
Eyeshadow Neutral tones or light pink & peachy tones. Avoid cut crease and smoky eye look.
Eyeliner Bring it down a notch, avoid going for the Cat Eye look. By having thinner eyeliner you’ll look more approachable. Avoid rimming your water line fully with black eyeliner. Go for a medium color shade of eye shadow you’ve used for your upper eyelid (alternatively, a medium shade brown that compliments your choice of color), sweep it slightly below your water line to balance out your upper eye.
Blusher Choose a color that suits your skin tone and apply with light feathery strokes. If the place is going to be quite dim, you can add on a little more blusher
Lips Avoid having loud colors or harsh lines. Use colors that are closer to your own lips. Dab it with your fingers for a more natural finish and top it up with a slight gloss in the middle portion of your lips to create dimension.

What’s the worst makeup mistake I could commit?

Not going with any makeup at all. It’s a respect to the person you are meeting to at least make an effort to doll up. Even if it means, just applying a sweep of blusher or a dab of lip color.

What is your stance on red lipstick for a first date?

Personally, I feel that red lips are not date appropriate. It can look intimidating. Red lips are good for photo shoots or for events that does not require you to talk much. Imagine for a good 2 hours, you’re looking at a red lips moving, it can be quite annoying isn’t it?

I often use false lashes, should I skip them on a first date?

I would advise on not using dramatic eyelashes. Once again, having dense eyelashes will make you look overly done up, or it shouts “high maintenance! ”.

Dense eyelashes, cast a shadow under your eyes (especially in places that are dimly lit), making your eye area look really dark. If you’ll like to use some fake lashes, you can use natural looking eyelashes. The idea is to bring more light to your eyes, allowing your date to be comfortable looking into your eye and talking.

Is it possible to wear too much makeup on a date?

Yes and no. I believe it is about the style that you use, or the choice of colors that you pick. Someone can be wearing a lot of makeup but still look natural and fresh.

When Kaile is not busy keeping up with the latest makeup trends she is also a Relationship Manager at Singapore’s Modern Matchmaking Co,

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