The secret to successful dating events !

Coco Ong, GaiGai’s event’s coordinator & relationship blogger spills the beans on what it’s like to run Singles Parties, and what goes on in them…

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What drew you to work at GaiGai and run Singles Parties?

The start-up culture was what initially appealed to me. However, as each day at this job went by, the interest and satisfaction of running each successful event grew on me. Additionally, the sense of accomplishment, after knowing that mutual matches who got to know each other through our events are going out, is indescribable.


Tell us more about Singles Parties and your role in executing them?

Each Singles Party held by GaiGai usually targets around 200 pax. In such events, it is understood that it is impossible to get to know every single individual attending the party. In such cases, my role as the coordinator and planner is to create opportunities for mingling and at the same time, maximize these opportunities presented to encourage more interaction between individuals during the event.


Among so many dating events you have held, which is your favorite and why?

My favorite by far would have to be the LOVE @ S.E.A.A. event held at S.E.A. Aquarium for its Valentine’s Singles Party. Besides its high turnout, the challenges faced while planning the event wholesomely were ultimately overcome.The first step to that is to be entirely present and involved in each conversation and rotation.


What would you encourage singles who attend your event to do?

I encourage them to put away their mobile devices to be a hundred percent present at the event. This is only respectful to every other single who made the effort to be there. Every event’s key challenge and most important moment for singles is to leave a good impression.The first step to that is to be entirely present and involved in each conversation and rotation.


Are there any success stories from the events you have organized?

There are definitely mutual matches who got to know each other through our events, and there are currently a few couples that I personally know of, who are still seeing each other at this point. I am truly happy for them!


What do you tell people who think they are too shy to attend?

Trust me, everyone feels nervous on their first dates, let alone an event where you’ll meet a whole lot more people! It is to overcome the thought that you are there to impress, but to relax and treat it as a session to know more people and to befriend like-minded individuals. Only when you relax can you truly be yourself.


What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

I would say that the most challenging aspect of this job is to provide a comfortable, enjoyable and interactive session for all participants every event. As situations will always arise regardless of how much detailed planning has been done, it is about being able to make the fastest and best decision on the spot. Also, as each event will be different and unique to its own, there will always be room for improvements and to be able to host an even better event and deliver better experiences to participants every single time.


Give us your best tips to excel in a Singles Party.

As what I have mentioned, relax, be yourself and be confident of who you are. Take control of the conversation and always make sure that the conversation allows room for more questions and exchange of information. Speak, but remember to listen.


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