Singaporean Male Models confess what Women they find Attractive


Guys can be just as confusing as girls! They often speak their mind less and sometimes we just want to know what they find attractive! Wonder no more , we found a bunch of MALE MODELS, willing to expose their inner workings.


This may sound weird… But I promise you it’s not! I actually look for someone who has traits like my sister. She is somewhat shy but she has a real passion for baking, she also isn’t afraid to call me out on my bullsh*t. I know I found the right one if my sister approves! – Jian long



I think it’s important she speaks well and bothers to keep up with the news. I get bored of people who can’t hold a conversation and are overtly superficial. If she can’t name a list of favorite books, I just can’t be bothered! Smart is sexy. I know male models get the rep of being all brawns and no brains, its really not true! – Frank J



Nice feet, nice feet,nice feet! I think I had an unhealthy obsession with nice calves and a lady in heels. Especially if she can walk well in them! I really liked nicely manicured toes. I only date girls who take pride in their footwear. -Keng Lim



The most attractive girls are ones with wanderlust!! I really am looking for someone to join me for life’s adventures and someone who can handle life on the road. Especially if she’s sporty or works out! She has to also be someone adaptable to change and willing to take risks. Love of travel is the most attractive trait to me. – Pablo



I always fall instantly if she has a talent for music, especially if she’s an amazing singer. Nothing touches the heart like music. It also shows she is artistic and cool. Since I can’t sing myself , I just think it’s damn awesome!!! – Jon 



I heard the phrase the way to a man heart is through his stomach , and I really think it’s true leh. If she can cook I’m damn sold! Nothing better than a home-cooked meal… I promise I will do the dishes. – Jae



I think in this day and age both parties should take care of the bills. I really hate ladies who go on dates just for free meals. In fact i’ve met a few who didn’t even bother to talk to me but expected me to pay. An attractive lady would not expect anything for free. – Ryan 

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