The Top 5 Myths About Men On Dating Apps In Singapore

Wah I got a match on Paktor! – Classic right? Everybody’s getting ‘Matches’ these days. Being the only guy (Btw I’m straight – just a disclaimer) at the table… they started bombarding me with all the questions about guys.


“Eh when guys use dating apps means they quite desperate right…?”
“Guys just use dating apps to hook-up right??”
“Wah… why guys only message hi- so unoriginal, no creativity, no effort!

And the list goessssssss on…. and on…

After about a half hour into it, I decided to do my fellow male ‘comrades’ on Paktor a favour:

To debunk the top 5 myths about men on dating apps.

#Myth 1 – Men on Dating Apps: WAH ALL SO Desperate

Eh hello, hello girls. That’s too much of a sweeping statement. That’s as good as saying – guys who go to a bar are desperate. *face palm*

Suffice to say, there’s a sizeable number of guys who aren’t desperate and just exploring their options on dating apps like Paktor.

Then again, some people would disagree. My rebuttal (for the guys) – if you think we are desperate why you still go out with us?? HUH??? HUH??? HUH??? Wouldn’t that make you just as desperate?



#Myth 2– Men who show abs: MUST BE ONLY looking to hook-up

Whoever made this statement ought to be shot. Seriously. Just ‘cos a guy is topless on his profile picture and showing off his abs doesn’t mean he’s just looking to hook-up! It’s almost as good as saying – Oh that girl wants to hook-up just because she’s wearing a short skirt or showing some cleavage.

So why do guys post half-naked photos of themselves (top half ah… not bottom half – just clarifying)?

“WAH he got abs leh! Sexxxxxxy!”

“Look, look he got 8 packs!!!”

Sounds familiar? Most women (at least the ones I’ve met) are always RAVING about a guy’s abs.

Then again, it’s another story altogether if you’re this guy:


Ryan Gosling who show abs: *SWIPE RIGHT*


#Myth 3 – Men who are HOT: Confirm player! *Swipe left*

You kidding me? It’s as if being hot is a crime.

Hot or not has nothing to do with being a player, or PLAYAAAA. Being hot just means you get a whole lot more of stares or getting into situations where you will see more people walking into a lamp post and falling into the drain. But that’s it!

Quit listening to your R&B and Hip Hop lyrics about hot guys hooking up all the time.

Please hor, don’t be hatin’ cos you can’t get the guy.



#Myth 4 – Men with dogs in their profile photo: 

UntitledIf you’re choosing a guy based on him having a dog and thus having a common interest – I got nothing to say. But if you’re choosing a guy with a dog in his profile picture because he looks loving… my question to you then becomes… does a pet means he’s loving? Or going to be loving?

For all you know, he may end up loving his dog more than you.


#Myth 5 – Men who only say Hi: Eee… means he’s not actually interested.



Try as we might… sometimes inspiration doesn’t strike. That doesn’t mean we’re not that interested. It’s an instinctive response! If he’s not interested, then why would he swipe right?


You don’t see him swiping right on something like this… right?

– Joel Chua (who wants to stand up for the Men on Dating Apps… or maybe just for himself)

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