A Modern Matchmaker’s Secrets

Dolly Chua a real life modern day matchmaker, spills the beans on her job and other tantalizing details!


Dolly as a Chief Matchmaker , in your own words tell us a bit about what you do?

As a Chief Matchmaker, I go through more than hundreds of profiles from day to day. I take time to understand each individual and what they are looking out for in a partner. Once I find a suitable match, I introduce the profiles to both parties and set them up on their date. I would give individuals who are new to the dating scene some advice and tips on the do’s and don’t for a first date. I would then touch base with the couple after their date to ensure that the couple has had a pleasant experience.

How did you become a matchmaker?

After years of being in the education field and working with special needs children, Though I was and still am very fond of children, I found myself wanting a career switch that would give me the opportunity for more adult interaction. While browsing a job search portal, GaiGai’s ad in search of a matchmaker immediately stood out to me as it did not seem like your everyday job. I was the first matchmaker hired and very quickly fell in love my role as a matchmaker. Being a matchmaker is not just a job to me; I treat it as a service to all people in their singlehood. It has become a lifestyle I have adopted to bring people together.

How do people react when you tell them your job title?

There is no greater joy than bringing people together and knowing that you have played an integral role in their relationship. I was drawn first of all to the uniqueness of the job. The excitement and challenges of matchmaking is a driving force for me; there are simply no two days the same! People are extremely intrigued by my job and will always have a bunch of questions for me. And more often that not, they would want me to find them or someone they know a suitable match.

How has being a matchmaker changed your view on love?

Being a matchmaker has caused me to the have a shift in mindset of how we find love. I used to think falling in love was just how it is portrayed in romantic movies and TV shows. People often think their prince charming or lady of their dreams will waltz into their lives and simply leave it to fate. In my opinion, you have to be intentional in your search for love.


What is the most requested feature? Values. Life goals

Weirdest request? Nice underarms.

Any success stories? YES! Marriage and a baby!!

Dress up or Dress down on a date? Somewhere in between!

Alcohol on a date? Yes, but not too much

Biggest Challenges? Unrealistic requests, close-mindedness

Who should try matchmaking? Everyone!!!



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