Thoughtful Cheap Last Minute Gifts For Valentine’s Day

So it’s less than a week to Valentine’s day and you just realized you have no idea what to get for your beloved! Here’s some fuss free easy last minute gifts, that are are still thoughtful enough to save the day!

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Air plants are all the rage, not just for their stylish good looks but because they require close to no care and won’t die on you. Terrariums are also a great choice for your loved one’s office desk or bedroom. I mean seriously plants are a great reminder of your growing love.


Sign up for a Workshop

How about something less material for once. Sign them up for a cool workshop, or better still sing both of you up and make it a date. There are a million workshops to choose from these days from leather wallet making, canvas painting, macaroon baking or even magic lessons. Learn a skill together!


Scrapbook of memories

Print out every photo of the two of you together! Head to a crafty store and get some fancy stickers, glitter glue, and a notebook. Get to putting the together! Handmade gifts show you took the time and effort! You can do it!


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The good old bouquet of flowers

When in doubt go with the good standby that will never fail you. Get a stunning bouquet. That’s advice for women too, give a guy a bouquet and he will never forget it. Men appreciate flowers too! I bet he will be surprised and touched beyond words 🙂


Cook a meal  

Cook a romantic candlelight dinner! You don’t have to create a complex meal, just a simple pasta would do. Cooking is such an intimate act, you will get extra points if the food is actually good 😉

Look up some simple recipes online to get started!


Framed up quotes

Step 1) buy frame, Step 2) write quote, Step 3) Frame it! This can be as complex as you like or as simple as you wish. Try “ Love is Friendship that has caught Fire” Gifts from the heart always count for more.


Write a poem / song

If you are musical or wordy, try singing a beautiful tune of love to your lover. Sing a song of adoration, write a poem professing you undying love! Even better if you can record a video of it


Sweet Things

Chocolate , candy , cookies , macaroons !!! The list is endless, if your honey has a sweet tooth pile on that sugar! <3

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