Feeling alone this Valentine’s Day in Singapore ?

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What to do when its the dreaded Valentine’s day and you find yourself all alone. Do not despair! Here’s how you have a fantastic time!

Have A Night of Indulgence !

Rub it in all your couple’s friends faces. There’s no need to dress up when you are alone. You can simply enjoy the peace and solitude. No one to judge your 25th rewatch of mean girls or devil wears prada! Sit in you most comfy fugly clothes, binge eat ice cream while nursing your skin with a facemask!

Treat yourself to a fancy dinner and movie night!

Who says you have to wait for someone to ask you out? Feel free to plan an amazing night out on your own, YOU DO YOU! Always wanted to try that steakhouse? book a reservation and just do it! They say dating yourself makes you more endearing … ok I made that one up . But if you can’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love somebody else?

Volunteer !

Bring joy to someone else’s face and maybe meet like minded social cause volunteers. Call up a local shelter like SOSD which helps Singaporean stray street dogs and see what you can do to make a difference ! They are even looking for dog walkers. Here’s a chance to have the pet you’ve always wanted.

Go to a Single’s Valentine’s day mega party

Resorts World Sentosa & GaiGai have come together to bring you the most exciting dating event for Valentine’s Day 2017. With an expected crowd of over 300 plus, eligible singles are in for the singles’ party of the year! With free flow drinks, live music, ice breaking games, offset by the romantic backdrop of the Resorts World Sentosa SEA Aquarium. Enter and explore the marine realm of SEA Aquarium, home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species, across into 49 different habitats.The event hopes to unite and connect eligible singles. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples anymore! sign up HERE!

Download Paktor , swipe the day away!

Have you heard of Paktor , it’s a local dating app! Meet new friends and romantic interests 🙂 It’s easy , if you have a phone just download it already, what are you waiting for? Its free! Don’t worry if you are shy, take your time chatting with someone and getting to know people you may never have met normally in real life.

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