Dear Dr.Love I Have No Idea How To Date!

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Dear Dr.Love,Well, I’m a guy that don’t seem to have any idea how to make connections and make the other party interested to know me more.Interest always dies out, for not more than the first few dates. Never been able to continue to next step. This has been the same all the way.

Fundamentally I know there must be issues with my personality. That’s why I find it very hard (almost impossible) to find anyone.
Is there still any chance for me?

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Dear Shaun,

Of course there is still a chance for you! Let’s first address your question about making a connection with someone. Here are some key tips to follow when it comes to starting a conversation and making a lasting impression so that you capture her attention and make her want to continue talking to you.


  • Avoid small talk. If you ask boring questions, you get boring answers. Create conversation instead small talk. That will help you sustain the conversation. For example, instead of saying “How was your day?” You could say “What do you think of the iPhone 7? I’m actually pretty excited about it and might order one next week.”
  • Add humor to your conversation. Most girls are attracted to someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and someone who can make them laugh.
  • Be confident. Confidence is the unspoken quality that most girls look out for when they are engaged in conversation.
  • Practice. Engaging in conversation is a skill that would require practice. The more you talk to girls and realize what works and what doesn’t, the better you will be at it.


If you feel that your personality is hindering you from meeting someone, I would advice you to spend some time and figure out which areas of your personality that you could improve on. Working on developing some of your character traits will make you a better person, and in turn make you more attractive to others. Do meet with a date coach who will be able to help you unlock your potential and enable you to be more confident and attractive to others.


All the best,

Dr. Love.

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