Dear Dr.Love How Do I Date If I have a Limited Social Circle?

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Dear, Dr.Love
Could you point me in the right direction, how can we meet a potential partner if our social circle is small and I have limited friends? What can I do?


Dear Jess,

thank you for writing in. According to a recent study conducted by our team, 78% of our members identify “having a small social circle” as the main reason for their singlehood, hence you are definitely not alone in this situation. However, we strongly encourage you to try stepping out of your comfort zone and make progressive changes to your lifestyle to meet more people. For instance, head down to the gym and sign up for group classes or take part in classes organised in community centres. Otherwise, try attending dating events organised by agencies with activities ranging from group dining, sports, or simple workshops such as terrarium or espresso making. By making these changes, you can increase your social circle and your chances to meet your potential partner.

Hope this helps!

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