Why you should date a High Maintenance Singapore Girl

Guys complain and whine about High Maintenance ladies, but secretly their deepest desire is to date one! Girl’s , take pride in your High Maintenance standards! I say being called out as High Maintenance should be worn like a badge of honor , it’s not just about looks , it’s an attitude!



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Turning heads wherever we go

I mean seriously, guys can’t keep their eyes off us. When we enter a room all eyes on us! They say they hate girls who take their sweet time to get ready , HELLO perfection takes time okay! Do you think I #wokeuplikethis? Our selfies are always on point , our fluttery eyelashes gets us all those likes.


We Take pride in how we look

Afraid your girlfriend will show up at your family dinner looking like she’s about to head to the wet market? We High Maintenance SG girls won’t be caught dead outside in our home clothes okay. We know how important first impressions are and are prepared to WOW anyone ! Last minute dinner party after work ? No problem we already have just the outfit in mind! We know our looks are an asset , and are prepared to make the extra effort.


We may seem intimidating , but we are super friendly

Sometimes our perfectly polished exterior may give people the impression we think too highly of ourselves or maybe it’s just our RBF (resting babe face ; ) ). Either way we are not as stone cold as you might think. Try saying hi , we might just tell you the most random joke!


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We know how to Indulge and Enjoy life

We know how to pamper and be pampered , we seriously enjoy the finer things in life! We are up for any luxurious adventure ! Life is so stressful , we know all the secrets to a relaxing weekend. We work hard but play even harder ! We even know where all the best food are ( can’t wait to cafe hop this weekend 🙂


We don’t fall easily , but when we do … we love HARD

We high maintenance girls only know those heart-playing boys too well. We know guys can be jerks. As a result it sometimes takes a while to get us to open up, only because we’ve been hurt in the past. If you can show us that you really truly care and are not just playing with us, then you’ll win our undying loyalty and love. After all despite our hard exterior , we just want to be love and respected!


Self – confidence

We ain’t some shy wallflower! We know we look good and damn it we know how to work it . We take those selfies not for validation , but because we want to show off what we already know … that we SLAY.


We know what we want and how to get it

We know how exactly we want things, we have dreams , goals and aspirations. When we set our mind to something we will stop at nothing to get what we want. Be it a bag , job or skill 😉 We are go-getters and won’t take no for an answer! Whatever it is we will find a way !
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We know we deserve the best

We know our self-worth and we always seek the best in life. You call us choosy , we call it perfectionism. We won’t do something unless we know it’s the best! This means sometimes it takes us sometime to figure out our choices , but it’s only because we mean business!


Haters can back off !

Honestly, at the end of the day you either hate us or love us. We got no time for games! Between scheduling our next gel nail session and instagram modeling we have no time for haters. We look good and we know that there are guys out there who would die to be with us, so either take us as we are or BACK OFF.

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