6 New Year resolutions that will get you Love in 2017

New year, New Love. 6 foolproof ways to find the Love you’ve been craving. These resolutions will get you on the right path , headed for love in 2017.


1.Take care of yourself

Eat better, Sleep Better, Dress better, pamper yourself ! In 2017 put in the effort and set time aside to make yourself look and feel better. Try to make healthier choices, beauty comes from within. You look more attractive when you are well rested and calm. Try tossing out clothes you no longer wear or fit in. Decluttering your space have been proven to have positive mental effects.

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2.Know what you want

Set goals and plans. Ask yourself what you are looking for in your next relationship and consciously make choices towards that goal. Journalling often helps gather your thoughts and tack your own personal progress. Put time aside each week to be mindful.  

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3.Step out of your comfort zone

Take risks, be bold and shake it up. If your current routine hasn’t found you love, then maybe it’s time to change it. Do this in all aspects. Try to be more outgoing. Strike up conversations, do whatever makes you happy. Don’t get tied down by the status quo, life is about embracing change.

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4.Put yourself out there

There’s no use wishing for something without putting in the groundwork . Try a dating app like Paktor , or perhaps something more adventurous like modern matchmaking GaiGai , where an agency sets you up on blind dates specially curated for you . Signing up is free. There’s no shortages of ways to find new dates these days.

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5.Date outside your “type”

Perhaps you’ve always dated the same “type” or you had a long checklist of specific attributes your partner needs to have. 2017 is the year of tearing that list in half. Yes, its good to have standards but sometimes love comes in a form you least expect. Don’t get caught up in fantasy , allow opportunities to come your way and don’t be too quick to write people off.

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6.Expand your social circle

Finding love isn’t just about going on dates. Some of the greatest love have started out as friendships. Try being more social and going out after work. Hey, even you you don’t find the perfect one you would have made some awesome friends!

-paloma lin

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