Singapore Girls confess their dating horror stories

Dates can often be a traumatic hot mess. Rest assured , we’ve all experienced at least one cringe worthy date.I trawled around asking friends for their worst dating horror stories, names have been changed to protect the guilty party 😉


He dropped me in Bishan … when I lived in  Clementi…

“ He offered me a ride home so I gladly accepted. He knew I lived quite far away in Clementi . We were already driving when he suddenly said he needed to drop me now , like RIGHT NOW. He didn’t even drop me at a bus-stop or anything… It was literally the side of the road. He didn’t even explain himself or give a proper goodbye. I had to get out and walk some distance to a MRT station! ” Alexa Yong

He ordered my food for me!

“ It wasn’t enough that he came 40 minutes late, he proceeded to order my meal for me … without consulting me first. He ordered my main course and even my drink . He ended up ordering some fruity sugary mess that was totally not my poison ! I’m a whiskey sorta girl , he would have known this if he bothered to ask or find out about me. The worst part was we had mutual friends and even though I never wanted to see him again , he started spreading rumors that I was crazy over him and that he couldn’t get rid of me” – Sandra Yee


He brought his yappy crazy dog , who attacked me!

“ When chatting to him over messages he found out I was a dog lover. He actually planned a picnic in the park, which I was looking forward to…but for some strange reason he wanted to surprise by bringing his Dog along. This would have worked out fine, if he dog was well-behaved … and not a demon from hell! This dog barked at everything and viciously tried to bite me over and over. I was so freaked out I started crying. I knew the date was OVER. What a nightmare” – Rachel Wong


He told me to never carry a handbag again

“ I met a guy who really hated handbags , like for some weird reason he was just grossed out by them. Yes, I know how weird that sounds. From the moment I met him he told me to never carry a bag again, he felt he could tell me that even though he just met me! WHAT A CREEP!” – Lexia


He introduced me to his parents … on the first date

“We went out on a great dinner, he seemed like a good guy… until he called his parents down to meet me right after dinner. I had no idea he going to do this , till he took out his phone and asked his mum to come meet me. I was unprepared and felt forced . When his parents came it was awkward as hell! Why would he even do this? It doesn’t even make sense.” – Audrey.K


He ran off… without paying!

“ He ordered so much food, like i mean 2 main courses. He was actually kinda cute , and we had an okay conversation between his munching . I didnt see this coming at all. He said he had to answer a work call , and slipped out the main entrance. 15 minutes later I realized he had bailed, leaving me to pay the bill!!! I tried calling him but he ghosted completely . ” Mandy Tang


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