Fun Things to Do with your Date after Work!

There has been so much talk about Singaporeans not being happy. Like that how to go and Paktor? How to get married and make babies?

Cannot lah. So we uncovered the 3 most fun things in Singapore you can do with your Hot Date after work (what to do, still must work lah, otherwise no money to have fun lor)!


Fun After Work

1) Night Cycling For Sporty Fun People

After being pent up all day in the office, what better way to let off some steam than with a vigorous bout of night cycling.

Alternatively you could indulge in some leisurely and romantic side-by-side cycling (Stunt-lovers can even try to hold hands but attempt this at your own risk!)

Punggol Waterway (


Not only is it cooler to cycle at night, it will be less crowded both on the roads and in parks. Excellent coastal locations include Punggol Waterway, East Coast Park and Changi Boardwalk where you can also stop for a bite of supper after you’re done.

Those looking for some city lights to admire can cycle from Marina Barrage to Gardens by the Bay for a fabulous view of the Singapore skyline. Whether you’re under the stars or the sparkling city lights, be sure to take a moment to gaze into each other’s eyes!

Fun After Work
Marina Barrage (


2) Locked Rooms For Brainiacs

Locked rooms are quickly gaining popularity in Singapore with more companies joining the trend and creating rooms with greater diversity and excitement for players. They usually feature rooms where you have to solve puzzles or uncover clues in order to progress to the next stage and eventually escape. Challenges can range from physical ones such as retrieving a key from a hard-to-reach place in a room to mental ones like brainteasers and breaking codes. Newer entrants such as Trapped Escape Room Singapore are also hosting rooms with themes such as Friday the 13th and World War 3.

Fun After Work


If your brains are dying for some intellectual challenges after the stifling boredom of mind-numbing work all day, this is a great activity to check out with your date. Who knows, you may even get to rescue the damsel in distress (or be rescued)!

Fun After Work 

You can Check Out:

Trapped Escape Room Singapore

Xcape Singapore

Breakout Escape Game

The Escape Artist


Think Your Way Out


3) Darts For Sharpshooters

Who says there’s nothing to do in Singapore? If you’ve always thought you were a sharpshooter, here’s your chance to prove yourself. There are several dart bars and joints in Singapore that open till late or never close so you can literally shoot to your heart’s content at any time. Aim for your date to have some fun and hopefully Cupid’s shooting will be just as sharp as yours!

Fun After Work
Darts Culture (


You can Check Out:

Darts Culture

I Darts Singapore

Forest Darts Café & Pub


Fun After Work
Forest Darts Cafe (



~ Li Ching (Who Must Have Fun)

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