11 Simple ways you know you are with the right person

Its quite often we think ask ourselves, are we really with the right person. Sometimes over analyzing the situation ruins the best moments. So let’s all keep it simple, here are some easy ways to know you are with the right person.

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  1. You still get excited seeing that person though you practically see them all the time
  2. The way they look at you melts you a little inside.
  3. Looking at them melts them a little inside.
  4. You are both tiny puddles around each other from all that melting.
  5. You have laughed till you’ve fallen over onto the ground and your tummy aches.
  6. You have said out loud that you wish you could grow onto them like a tumor so you would never have to be apart.
  7. You wanna do what bunnies do , if you know what i mean😉
  8. You absolutely love it when they smile.
  9. They might not be perfect, but they are perfect for you.
  10. There’s never enough time for all that talking. There’s always more to say.
  11. You find yourself happy .

Scribbled down by paloma lin 

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