Worst things Singaporeans do on dates

Hello, PLEASE stop doing these things. There are just some things that are so unattractive that it makes me want to delete your number and never see you again. These are the top worst things Singaporean singles do on dates.



1.Can’t make conversation

Have you ever been on a date so awkward and quiet that it made you want to run home? I have. I was once set up on a blind date with a guy who was very interested in me. He would text me constantly before the date. However on the date itself he was so nervous he just set there in a pool of his own forehead sweat.I actually wanted to leave. Please avoid this! Perhaps if your are the shy sort think of some conversation starters or topics you might want to bring up during the date. It makes for a better time when you spend the date getting to know each other.

2.Constantly on phone

Save your phones for later! Instagram or Facebook can wait till later, and is a solitary activity. Don’t disrespect your date by pulling out your hand-phone every 5 mins. It gives your date the vibe you are not interested and rather be elsewhere. We Singaporeans are a well-connected bunch , but please don’t get the reputation of being “that person” who lets life pass them by while being too addicted to social media.

3.Reveals terrible secrets

Everyone has their past, first dates are perhaps not the right place to reveal them, unless your intention is to scare your date off of course. I once went out with a guy who gave me serious serial killer vibes, he told me when young we would microwave baby hamsters. EEK! I deleted his number and ended the date early. HELLO it’s a date NOT Halloween!

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4.Never on time

They say first impressions count , and they do. Cliched but true. Unless the MRT broke down again, try to be there on time or a little bit earlier. It says you are eager and happy to be there. It makes your date feel special

5.Talks about themselves constantly

Dates are meant for you to get to know each other and not a narcissist pedestal. People who only talk about themself are a turn off. Try to be interested in the other person’s life story. I know its tempting to boast about your achievements and to appear as successful as possible but your date may think you are not interested in them.


You would think going on a date would prompt people to put on their best behavior , however we all know people who are just rude in general and it seeps out even on dates. My friend once went on a date with girl who was especially rude to waiters , she would demand and order them around. My friend felt so bad he even apologized to the management. He never wanted to see that girl again. Lesson learned ? Be kind and polite, not just on dates but in life.

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7.Doesn’t offer to pay

I think for at least the first date, both parties should offer to pay. There’s no worse feeling than the vibe that your date is just there for a free meal. I think this applies to both genders , in today’s modern world there’s no reason for one party to foot the bill. However it does make you look rather generous if you are willing to splurge on a first date 🙂

8.All work & no Play

I understand Singaporean’s are an ambitious bunch ( that’s partly what makes us so attractive in the first place) . Just don’t be all work and no play. Don’t overwhelm your date with stories of your workplace politics, are give a play by play on what happened in your last meeting. Leave work at the office for once.

9.It’s all about the ex

This always screams red flag to me, when a date talks on and on about their ex. Even worse is when they show pictures. I get the impression they are emotionally unavailable and only have eyes for that ex of theirs. Keep ex talk to a minimum, don’t start going into details of why the relationship failed on a date. The person you are with wants to feel special!

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10.Making Moves

Making moves way too soon and being aggressive. (You KNOW what I’m talking about) I think its best to try and read your date and discern if they are into you enough before you try to kiss them are even hold their hand. Do NOT try and force your date into anything they are not comfortable with. I guarantee this is a fast way to lose their interest in you, if they were even interested in the first place.

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The worse offense is the person who doesn’t even show up. THE BAILER has the habit of canceling at the very last moment, when either you are about to step out the door or when you are already waiting at the restaurant. When you agree to a date it is your responsibility to show up or at least cancel ahead of time. Not on the day itself. Don’t set up dates as backup plans.UGH

Written by Paloma Lin

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