Single for 7 years , but I still believe in love

Why do I still believe in love , after being single for too long? Its been 7 years since I was last in a relationship , my friends would say I’ve gotten burnt in my last relationship and I’m not willing to try again. That’s simply not true .

Honestly watching all my closest friends get married before me, I’ve gotten used to the questions and occasionally the pitiful looks. Which honestly frustrates me.


I think everyone has different priorities in life, for me I’ve always put everything else first, as a result I’ve built up a healthy career , made amazingly supportive friends and even had time to pursue my hobby (photography).Those are the things I wouldn’t trade in for the world. Sometimes I get the feeling that society encourages us to settle down young, and for many that’s their goal in life, which I have nothing against. But maybe I’m not most people. For one I don’t believe in casual dating. I fall in love way too quickly for that , when I date someone I want to know they are already ready for a serious relationship and not just play with my heart. I don’t open up to just anyone , I want to know that we already share life goals and dreams before we date. Its happened before , I’ve taken an interest in someone only to find out they were just in it for fun or they were not emotionally available.

Many would expect me to have given up on love after being single for this long, yet my faith is stronger than ever. I’ve actually never stopped believing in love. I know it seems hard to fathom, but the only other option would be to give up completely and prepare myself to live out my life in singledom. I’ve never been a quitter in other aspects of my life, so why should I with love?

I still have so much to give, I still dream of marriage one day. I want to share my life with someone who accepts me as I am. Who understands me as a person and won’t judge me for remaining single for this long.

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