8 reasons why dating in Singapore is so hard

Dating in Singapore is DAMN HARD LOR!

1.People are judgemental

Singaporeans can be so judgy and superficial …your income not high enough? Your bag / watch not branded?I Don’t want to date you leh

Debby Ryan ew swipe ew no


2.Parental Pressure

Sometimes too much nagging can have a negative effect… also even if you do bring someone home , it becomes an instant interrogation session!

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3.Work life balance

Stress, stress and more stress . With long office hours who has time for matters of the heart?

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4.Instant culture

We want things right now! We have no time to wait for our soul mate to appear…Hello? If you are out there please appear TODAY! NOW!

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5.Dating is scary!

Dating opens us up to rejection and heartbreak. That shit is scary!

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6.No one wants to make the first move

For a country where everyone and everything strives to be first , surprisingly we are a shy bunch when it comes to declaring feelings.

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7.We are too hard on ourselves

After being berated by parents and media in our super rat race nation, we start losing faith in ourselves. Maybe we are not lovable enough , not good looking enough . Sigh

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8.We care too much about what others think

We care too much about how our relationship will look to others on Instagram or Facebook. We care what our friends will say.

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Either way lets all try not to be too harsh on ourselves 🙂



-Paloma Lin

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