Why dating Singaporean men is Awesome

After having spent time around men of varying nationalities .SINGAPORE MEN DRIVE ME WILD. Here’s why I love dating Singaporean men. My friends think I have a bit of an obsession with Singaporean guys , you know what … I will PROUDLY ADMIT IT. Here’s why 

1.They speak more than one language

Multilingualism is a sign of intelligence. Such an attractive trait when he is able to speak to me in English , converse with his Gong Gong in Hokkien . Greet his neighbor in malay . Order noodles in Mandarin and cuss with his friends in Singlish. It just shows he has the capability of communicating well , which I highly value in relationships. I can’t trust a guy who can’t share what’s on his mind , better still if he can do it in multiple languages. 

2.They always know where to find the best food

Singaporean men are such foodies. Dating one is like dating a food directory, he’ll give you a running commentary on the best chicken rice stores and if you are lucky he will even bring you on a sampling tour to the best kopitiam. You’ll never suffer through stale lor mee again. HEY BOY You can be my Laksa , spicy and delicious 😉 Always keeping me well fed. Once I went on a date with a Singaporean guy who did heavy research and booked a restaurant weeks in advance. It was the best pasta I’ve ever had I swear. Singaporean guys know how to go the extra mile, their passion for food does indeed makes them awesome date planners. They also have this foodie skill even when overseas, I never worry which local cuisines to try around the world , as he would have watched every youtube video about street food before hand. 

3.They’ve served the nation

There’s something that makes me feel secure about a man who has completed national service. It makes me feel like he’s ready to take on challenges and has trained for that. Not to mention all the extra handy skills he might have picked up , like CPR (wink) or how to survive in an emergency. If they can camp in the jungle , fire a gun or eat insects … what can’t they survive? The side effect is to occasionally tune out while they go into their NS-Speak , but that’s a small price to pay for a well rounded man.  Guys in uniform are sexy , just admit it , I do ; )

4.They care about family

They have the right values at heart. His family is near and dear to him. He still buys back food for his mum, and spends his weekends with his parents and siblings.Filial piety is alive in the Singaporean breed of men. You can expect him to give you the same treatment once he accepts you as part of his family . In many cultures this type of filial piety is rare . Every Singaporean guy I dated treats his mother with utmost respect, which I find a good indicator of how he will treat you. 

5.They are driven and ambitious

You can’t make it in Singapore without being driven and ambitious. SG men have this in spades. The moment they graduate they are already planning their climb up the corporate ladder. He also probably has a 5 year plan A and B , oh and he’s already started saving for his first home. This means he’ll make sure you have a stable future together. There’s nothing a SG man won’t do to achieve his dreams. 

6. They are multicultural

He has gone to school with all races, and his closest bros are of all different races. He’s accustomed to the beliefs of different cultures. He also loves and embraces all the cuisines of the world. Such worldliness is to be admired. As much has been said about Singaporeans in general , they are actually quite a well read attractive bunch, open to a lot of what’s going on in the world. This is validated by Singaporean’s multi-cultural roots. I think their many years of celebrating racial harmony day in school has allowed them to be more open minded and understanding. 

7.Most Tech-savy

Singaporean men are well equipped 😉 to handle any tech crisis. They are usually up to date with the latest gadgets and know all there is to know about wireless earphones, USB-Cs , OLED keyboards and exploding hand-phones. He probably knows about any new launches before you do. Solve my tech woes please! There are always poised at the ready to solve your total tech meltdowns! Totally practical and useful. 

So these are just a few reason why I find SG men totally yummy. I will post more about this if you all want to hear more 😉

Written at Paloma Lin

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