How to behave on a first date?


Be yourself

Don’t try to be someone else , its tempting to play a role , or exaggerate your life story to seem more interesting. However this only makes you seem fake and insecure when they find out more about the real you. Wouldn’t you prefer someone to fall for you honestly rather than the image you project.

Be realistic

Life isnt a fairy tale , or a K-drama. Sometimes love is a gradual process and not a lightning bolt out of the sky. Give yourself time to get to know someone without judgement. Enjoy the simple things and have fun with it .

Be open

Too many people approach first dates with a checklist , does he look this way, is her hair that colour , how much she earns or even what colour his eyes are. It is not to say that expectations are a bad thing , but it does become one when it prevents you from even getting to know a person. Do not be quick to write someone off because he/she doesnt have a specific superficial feature you have dreamt of. You might just be missing other special aspects of that person. Allow yourself to keep and open mind and avoid snap judgements.


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Keep your phones away

You and your date both made the effort to meet. The date deserves a little respect and your full attention. Save your mindless facebook newsfeed scrolling for when you get back home.

Dress to impress

This would seem like an obvious one , but sometimes forgotten or ignored. Try to look your best on a date and wear something appropriate for the location. You may even consider a image consultant to help give you a total makeover. Dress as the person you wish to be!

Be curious and Listen

Resist the urge to make the night all about you , while you do want to portray yourself in a good light . Make time to get to know your date, you might want to plan some questions or topics as conversation starters. Really listen to what your date is sharing , this is the fastest way to get to know someone.

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