Classic Singaporean Romantic Dating spots

We confirm you got paktor at one of these before


The ultimate after school dating spot for secondary school couples still in uniform. The higher the floor the better. If you  are lucky your stairwell has a good view, can even watch the sunset one. So lomantic… until your neighbour decides to interrupt , the sound of footsteps serves as an early warning.



For the forever young couple .Best times are after dark , when the children have all left. So many different benches to choose from, sitting together as you daydream about marriage. Sitting up on the slide is a treat for extra privacy 😉


Calling all foodies, at this date spot you will always be spoilt for choice. In any case you will likely order way too much food . Don’t worry it will still be easy on the wallet but your stomach might not fare as well .

happy food cartoons & comics eating hungry


Extra value meal please! Air-con and no time limit, it doesn’t get any better than that. For extra special dates you both share a milkshake. Happy meal anyone?


For the couple who lives on the edge ! Its dark, creepy and mysterious. She’ll be gripping your hand tightly the entire time. Drawback is there might be more eyes watching you then you expect …


The ultimate way to kill two birds with one stone. A quick date while you both commute back home.Hopefully its a long journey back home. Everyone knows the best seats on the bus are all the way at the back!

video cinemagraph singapore merlion


Be it the smaller one of the bigger one. Nothing is more romantic than contemplating the continuous spew of the Merlion. With scenic waterfront views. This is the ideal date spot for the people watching couple.

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