You don’t have to wait for love to find you, here’s why

We are the generation who grew up watching movies, the media infiltrates every part of our life. It tells us how to feel , how to look, even how our relationships should be like. It always seemed so easy in the movies, they way people seemed to stumble upon love. It always looked so effortless, we are told don’t look for love, it will find you when you least expect it. Then reality hits us, and it seems there’s no one waiting for us around the corner, no cute guy or girl secretly harbouring feelings for us. Just waiting for love , suddenly seems foolish.

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I’ve watched countless perpetually single friends binge watch K-dramas , longing for romance in their own lives, but ultimately resigning to their own “bad love luck”. “ Im still waiting for the right one to show up,” My friend sighs. Then it hits me, maybe we should stop passively waiting for love to find us, maybe real life doesn’t work that way. I ask myself , are my single friends any less worthy of finding love? I don’t believe that. I think there’s a lid for every pot . Stop waiting for the right one to show up, I think we need to abandon these outdated notions, our lives are not movies, we need to stop believing the lie. If we dare set life goals for other areas in our lives, why shouldn’t we be able to do the same for love and relationships. Why shouldn’t we be able to take action and stop waiting around like its something out of our control. I think in life everything takes two hands to clap, sure there’s fate and hope and all that good stuff, but equally vital is genuine actions, like putting yourself out there. I find it super unrealistic when some people I know hide away ( you probably know people like that too) who run right home from work , don’t socialise, and then whine about their lack of love life. Sometimes fate needs a little nudge.


So here’s what I’m going to do, and what I’m telling my Single friends to try:

  1. Be open to meeting new people, attend events. Go out after work and fight that lazy bug
  2. Be willing to try new activities, I think this helps, sometimes it seems scary , but trust me Im having more fun now
  3. Stop caring what people think, this one is tough. But after all we only have one life. Is it wrong to put myself out there and try to find love?

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