10 Funny Pick-up Lines That Deserve A Date

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These days, almost everyone’s on a dating app, making it an awesome way for you to meet new friends and find love online. However, when everyone’s on these dating apps, standing out from the crowd and getting that right swipe only gets harder and harder.

There are many ways to stand out from the crowd, but nothing says ‘This guy / girl deserves some attention’ as much as a funny and borderline smart pick-up line. After all, when you stop and giggle, you’re pretty much halfway there in dishing out a right swipe.

Looking for some laughs or even inspirations for pick up lines? Look no further! Here are just some of the pickup lines that might just work!

1. The subtle but not-so-subtle praise

It’s no surprise that everyone loves receiving praises, so here’s  your daily dose of  some self-deprecating humour and a sneaky little praise for you.

“My friends say my profile picture is ugly. 😔 Can I take a picture with you to make it better?”

2. Behold the two-steps ahead guy

Whoa, look out for this sneaky fellow. See how he just planted the idea of going on a date this Saturday night in your head? That’s what I’m talking about.

“1 sec, you look exactly like my date for this Saturday night” “What do you say?”

3. This deserves A for effort

Well, sometimes 10/10 isn’t always the perfect answer and if you try hard enough, you could just make the cut.

“You look like a 9/10, and I might be the other 1 for you”

4. Some self-deprecating humour for you?

When you add self-deprecating humour with a sprinkle of wordplay and wit, you have humour at its best.

“Hey you dropped something.” “What?” “Your Standards, hi I’m Desmond”

5. Or prefer confidence instead?

If you like confidence in men, it’s hard not to fall for his tricks, not to mention falling for him.


“Hey, tie your shoes!” “Why?” “I don’t want you fall for me👟”

6. Spotted: A wordplay wizard

Ah I see what you did there, wizard. There’s not a whole lot of magic, but everybody’s going to be falling for that trick.

“Are you a nobody? Cause nobody is perfect”

7. Tech support?

Look out, this pickup line is made specifically for dating apps. If you’re on a dating app, no pickup line can be as natural and classy as this.

“Is there something wrong with my app? Cos you’re the only one I can see”

8. Look out, this guy’s three-steps ahead

Here’s another guy planting an idea in your head right from the very beginning. Learning a thing or two from Inception eh?

“Do you prefer me to call you by your name or can I call you mine? 😝”

9. Here’s your 2nd serving of witty wordplay

Oh sweet, that’s some fine wordplay there! Not too overbearing and not too bland, leaving just the right taste in our mouths.

“Do you like sour raisins? How about a sweet date?”

10. Finally, the knockout blow

We have a winner! You know a winner when you see one, especially when a guy like this isn’t afraid to throw punches out of the blue. Wait, maybe this is not a good idea after all.


“Is your father a boxer? Cause you are definitely a knockout!”

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